A Hairy Situation

Shave those Rapunzel locks. Wax that hairy chest. Dye that mane pink, blue or green! 

If you're a little hairy and want to save on expensive salon costs, then don¹t brush this fundraiser off. It¹s fun, easy and a great way to gather a crowd and raise some money along the way. 

So give it a go. You might just like the hairless (or colourful) new you.

1. Easy peasy 

Grow your hair long then ask for donations from family and friends to shave it all off.

2. Left-of-field 

Ever wanted to grow a Mohawk? Not sure how your boss will react? Here¹s your chance to let your inner rebel go wild, for a good cause. Get workmates to sponsor you and rock that new do like it¹s 1979.

3. Big Chief 

Warning: Only attempt if you are brave, crazy or very, very hairy.

The idea? A full body wax. Yes, there will be pain. But it¹s guaranteed to draw a crowd and raise a heap of money!

Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria has developed an international reputation for our innovative work in cancer research, prevention and support. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we play a leading role in reducing the impact of all cancers on all people.

559 heroes fundraising today.

I Will for Cancer 

You dream it. We support it.

Simply choose a fundraising idea, tell us about it and we will be there to back you every step of the way.

You can swim across an ocean. Hold an op-shop party. Give up your morning coffee. Shave your head, beard or chest. Cook a feast for friends. Or, you can dream up something different.

Whatever you choose, we can help you raise some dollars along the way.

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