Your idea. Your way. 

Some people like to do things their way. 

At I Will for Cancer, we understand this. In fact, we applaud individuality so much, that we've created a special space to support those who want to do something different. Like a fashion parade, karaoke night or art exhibition.

Whatever you dream up, you can do. Just tell us what, when and how, and we'll be here to help you raise some dollars along the way.

1. Easy peasy 

Update your wardrobe without spending a cent. Ask your friends to gather their pre-loved clothes, bags and shoes and hold a clothes swap at home. And remember to charge a small entry free.

2. Left-of-field 

Use the talents you were born with for a good cause. Like making 1000 paper cranes, sketching all night or singing for your supper. Tell your friends about it and get sponsored for your crazy idea!

3. Big Chief 

What¹s bigger than holding a ball in our honour? Nothing. Which is why this is the Big Chief idea. Call us for a chat about how we can help make your ball a reality.

Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria has developed an international reputation for our innovative work in cancer research, prevention and support. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we play a leading role in reducing the impact of all cancers on all people.

I Will for Cancer 

You dream it. We support it.

Simply choose a fundraising idea, tell us about it and we will be there to back you every step of the way.

You can swim across an ocean. Hold an op-shop party. Give up your morning coffee. Shave your head, beard or chest. Cook a feast for friends. Or, you can dream up something different.

Whatever you choose, we can help you raise some dollars along the way.

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